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"I don't wanna drown no more I'm sick of the same old people
The kind that'll sell your soul
Trade it for a shining stone
Ain't nothing in this life for free
Running from the greatest evil
It finally dawned on me
A man's gotta fight temptation

Keep the wolves from the door
I hear them scratching like I don't know better
Won't you keep the wolves from the door
It won't be long before I cave in and open up the-"

Rag’n’Bone Man - Wolves

And on that terrifying note, Chapter 9 comes to a close!

Going forward, Soul to Call will be going on a chapter break until June 10th! We're really getting into the thick of things so I want to ensure I have time to tighten up the script and build up my page buffer before we embark on the perilous path forward. Or at least the path away from a pack of Hellhounds.

During this break I will be endeavouring to post on my social media regarding updates on how progress is going with Chapter 10!

Twitter - Tumblr - Instagram - Bluesky

Feel free to also follow me over on Patreon! Your support there helps keep the comic going, but you can also follow for free to get notifications about the comic there. I'll absolutely be posting progress reports, as well as any sneak peeks for paid members.

Thank you for your patience during this break! I look forward to putting together an exciting next chapter for you all. See you on June 10th!

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