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Recommended 16+ for language, violence, blood, and gore. This comic also contains depictions of death, self-harm, and suicide.

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Third piece of guest art for the September break!
Check out this awesome Strider by Darwin, author of TWO rad comics, Gemutations: Plague, and The Only Half Saga. both of which can be found at Darwin Comics.

Here's a little insight on this piece:

Mote in God's Eye
" I've always had a thing for creatures with wings. And I was doubly taken with the idea that something so sacred as an Angel, has been corrupted into something so scary as a strider. (If for no other reason that they seem not to care who or what gets in their way - they pay no attention to the lesser creatures in the world.)

I got the idea for the bridge spanning the valley from a San Diego freeway overpass that stands REALLY high off the I-15. So I thought something that high MIGHT just get on level with a strider's face. Not that I think they'd take any more note of the motes on the bridge. "


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